La Jolla - 多胜肽極致修護金箔 凍膜 (75ml)


La Jolla - 多胜肽極致修護金箔 凍膜 (75ml)

TWD $980 ~ 1,980

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近年好萊塢吹起一股黃金風潮,特別是金箔保養品盛行,說起黃金美容並不是現代才開始的,早在古埃及就已經出現了黃金美容。相傳埃及豔后不論身材與皮膚都青春永駐,看上去完全與青春少女一樣,羅馬帝國的兩任統治者凱撒大帝和安東尼被她的美艷迷得神魂顛倒, 永保青春的秘密人們爭相探索。傳說她特別請人打造一副黃金面具, 夜夜戴著黃金面具護膚美容。La Jolla特別推出奢華金箔保養品系列,添加頂級護膚成分, 讓您隨時保持水嫩、美麗。




Recently, Hollywood stars have been crazy about gold, especially skincare products with gold foil in it. Speaking of which, the beauty trend on gold is not new. The golden beauty trend existed as early as in ancient Egypt. Legend has it that Cleopatra has a body and skin are as young as teenagers. Two Roman rulers Caesar and Anthony all fell under her knees. People are all eager to know her secret to youth. It’s said that she ordered a mask made of gold and wore them every night for perfect skin. La Jolla launched a series of luxury skin care products with gold foil and great ingredients for you to feel hydrated and beautiful at all times.


Six peptides, a professional moisturizing and anti-wrinkle ingredient, can prevent the skin from aging and smooth fine lines. Hyaluronic acid, elastin and other moisturizing ingredients as well as aloe, chamomile, allantoin, licorice, etc., can sooth the skin, repair it for a firm, radiant skin.


La Jolla多胜肽極致修護金箔凍膜

容量規格 75ml/罐

廣字號  北衛妝廣字第10305162號

製造日期 如包裝所標示(西元年/月/日)

製造產地 台灣   

保存期限 三年

保存方式 請放置陰涼處避免日光直射